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How to enable/configure Color Adjustment in Samsung Galaxy S5 (4.4.2)

Sometimes, when you want to change the color of an image, you will confuse how to adjust it(especially who have problem with reading the display of colors). There is a feature in Samsung Galaxy S5 named Color adjustment that provides this functions. When enable this feature, you can adjust easily by drag/move the bar. Now […]


How to set Notification Reminder in Samsung Galaxy S5 (4.4.2)

Notification Reminder is one of the helpful feature in Samsung Galaxy S5 that help you to know the unread notifications. This feature also help you to alert/remind you about the unread notifications until you read/open them. This feature is very helpful for people who are so busy that they forget the message/plan in their phone. […]


How to modify/change screen color from Negative to normal color in Samsung Galaxy S5 (4.4.2)

Sometime, because of some setting, your screen color looks like a negative color, it might happen when you turn on the negative colors feature which will inverse the screen display to the negative color. How to fix this issue and get back the normal screen color? It is very easy if you disable this feature […]


How to enable/use air wake up in Samsung Galaxy S5 (4.4.2)

As we know, Gesture function is one of interesting function in Samsung Galaxy, especially in Galaxy S5 that allows you to use events generated by hand gestures in front of Devices. This is controlled by proximity and gesture sensors located inside Galaxy S5. And, an interesting feature in S5 is the air wake up. When […]