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Declaring the Intellectual Property Rights of SPROGROUP CO.,LTD regarding the subjects shown on SPROGROUP CO.,LTD’s website

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Rights and Responsibilities of SPROGROUP CO.,LTD

SPROGROUP CO.,LTD has the right to alter and/or terminate content, features of all or part of its website without prior notice to users.

SPROGROUP CO.,LTD has the right to employ security measures to protect the website and prevent unauthorized access or alteration, information disclosure or destruction.

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Although many security measures are integrated into this website, there is no absolute safety for any data transmitted over the Internet. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the information you provide will be absolutely safe. SPROGROUP CO.,LTD is also not responsible in the case of illegal access to user information.

All private information/materials uploaded by users are not considered by SPROGROUP CO.,LTD as confidential and SPROGROUP CO.,LTD is free to use it for any purpose.

free to use it for any purpose. SPROGROUP CO.,LTD retains the right to use any idea or concept posted on the website for any purpose including development, manufacturing and product marketing. SPROGROUP CO.,LTD has no responsibility to provide compensation to content providers.

Users must understand and ensure that all information and documents that they provide is within their competence; so SPROGROUP CO.,LTD will not violate any rights of any third party.

SPROGROUP CO.,LTD does not necessarily accept all documents sent by users and does not compel to reply any reason.

Rights and Responsibilities of users

SPROGROUP CO.,LTD allows users to view, extract (print, download, etc.) or share information on the website with other people if the purpose is personal and noncommercial and if they cite the copyright owner: ‘©2015 Copyright by SPROGROUP CO.,LTD Corp.”

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If users are not satisfied with any information on the website or any terms and conditions, terminate the use on the website.


The terms of use are governed by the laws of Vietnam.

When a term of use is declared invalid by decision of a court of a competent jurisdiction, the validity of the remaining terms are not affected.

SPROGROUP CO.,LTD welcomes any ideas/comments about content on the website. If you discover parts of the website which seem to be in violation of copyright protection, please contact the SPROGROUP CO.,LTD Corporate Communication Division.

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